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Space: Another step in the wrong direction

October 21, 2013


Star Wars the Old Republic continues to struggle. Now it is expanding into space, and once again the developers have gotten it wrong:

I play solo PvE, that is, I play by nyself, not in groups, and I don’t fight against other players. Sadly, all the developers seem to care about is grouping and PvP, fighting between players. The game has run out of gas, yet the most recent expansion/update is only about grouping, with nothing at all for solo players.

And now when they are trying to fix space, it is only PvP.

Star Wars Galaxies, a vastly better game at its worst than The Old Republic so far, started without any space element at all, very strange in a Star Wars game. But 11 months after the game started Sony Online Entertainment presented the expansion Jump to Lightspeed, which gave us numerous sandbox adventures in space. With a variety of ships and missions, the new pilot profession to pursue, and even asteroid mining, it was wonderful.

The Old Republic, to its credit, had space from day one. But it used, and still uses, an imbecile “on rails” mechanism, which isn’t worth playing. Now, well more than a year and a half after launch, space is being updated in a future expansion…but only for PvP. The only reason for this that I can see on the forums is that PvE would be too hard.

That’s just not good enough. EA and Disney would do better to buy the rights to Star Wars Galaxies and release it. Even the way it performed on its last day, more than 18 months ago, it was superior to the deadend alley that is Star Wars the Old Republic.


New levels coming to SWTOR

June 5, 2012

Video of the EA SWTOR press conference at E3

Apparently the loss of a large part of the player base has encouraged BioWare to plan an expansion of SWTOR, providing relief to those of us stuck at level 50. The news came in an announcement at the E3 show.

Here’s part of the report from VentureBeat:

“BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka took the stage to announce a handful of new features coming to the game, including the a new difficulty mode, a level cap increase, a new planet named Makeb, and a new species called Cathar. In addition, fan-favorite HK-51 will be available as companion.

“Over 1 million players logged in on day one,” said Muzyka, which made it the biggest MMO launch in history. No doubt the first month was a success, but the game has been through some rocky times since launch. They lost about 400,000 subscribers in roughly three months, and BioWare Austin, the studio behind the title, laid off staff in May.”

Makeb is supposed to be a planet under the control of (or being invaded by) the Hutt Cartel. There’s more information on the expansion from BioWare at the website.

Here’s another EA SWTOR video from E3:

A final visit to Mos Vegas and Star Wars Galaxies

April 26, 2012

It’s taken me several months to get around to it, but here’s a final look at my home in Star Wars Galaxies, Mos Vegas, outside Anchorhead on Tatooine, on the Shadowfire server. Once one of the most vibrant towns on the server, after everyone left because of the New Game Enhancements, I ended up Mayor of what was left.

A couple of weeks before they pulled the plug on Star Wars Galaxies, I recorded my alts showing off my various houses. After the introduction of the NGE, I spent most of my time in SWG collecting and decorating new structures. (This was something you could do there that you can’t do in Star Wars the Old Republic.)

Excalibur Starship Galactic Megaquarters

Sadly the recordings of three special buildings seem to have gone missing: My primary home Villa Pendragon (but there is an earlier video at:, the Mustafar bunker used as the showroom and Galactic Megaquarters for Excalibur Starship, and my wonderful Wookiee tree house.

Nevertheless, what is left is still 29 minutes long, probably more than anyone wants to be see, except me reliving the good times in SWG.

The Excalibur Starship Showroom

Proper space may be coming to SWTOR

April 25, 2012

Trailer for SWG Jump to Lightspeed

This forum post indicates that real space combat is in the future for Star Wars the Old Republic:

The current “rail shooter” system is a joke, at least to anyone who played Star Wars Galaxies. There the game launched with no space component at all, which led some to question how you could have Star Wars without space? It wasn’t until the Jump to Lightspeed expansion that you could fly in space, but it was worth the wait.

We can only hope that the SWTOR counterpart is as good! (Sadly there probably won’t be asteroid mining, which was one of the more interesting, as well as lucrative, elements of space in SWG.)

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