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Jedi Consular Diary – Coruscant

July 24, 2012

So, having found both datacrons and a shard (still have to work out what to do with that) left Tython, restocked on the Republican space station and have arrived on Coruscant, the world-city that is capital of the Republic.

It is a lot of fun redoing a planet I already know. Already familiar with the map and the baddies, of course, and the locations of the cantinas for resting. The class quests for Jedi Consular are new, but the side quests are exactly the same (except a Jedi is apparently much more powerful than a Smuggler…I can take out equal level Elites, with the help of my trusty Companion. Never could do that as a Smuggler.)

One thing I regretted first time around was doing a quest for an enthuiastic nationalist at the Senate Plaza. who talked me into stealing some files from a Senator’s courier droid. I hadn’t understood that every quest is not necessarily good, and couldn’t figure out how to make it right. That was where I picked up my first Dark Side points (I also hadn’t noticed that you can see Light and Dark rewards in the conversation choices).

Naturally you can always turn down a quest, but then you miss potential rewards. This time around I looked for alternatives to make it come out right, and there was one.


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