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Jedi Consular diary – Alderaan

August 9, 2012


It is nice to redo planets with a new character. You learn the new class quests, but you also get to do the regular planet missions all over again, and it’s a big advantage having done them once. You often know where things are, or what things you have to click on look like.

One example is the quest on Alderaan called Joining the Battle. The Old Republic is placed something like 3500 years before the classic Star Wars films, which is why you can visit Alderaan, which was destroyed in the original Star Wars film. But anachronistically, sections of it are infested by the insect-like evil sentients called the Killik. These first appear in Star Wars books placed long after the original series. They have a hive mind, which humans can join, or be forced into joining.

This is the story of Joining the Battle. A number of humans have become “Joiners” and you have to capture one. You do this by battling one until their health has dropped to less than 50 percent, then administering a drug by clicking on an icon in your toolbar or inventory. The problem is that they are surrounded by Killiks, and in the midst of battle it is far too easy for you, or especially your Companion, to kill the Joiner.

I knew that this time around, and found a tactic that worked. You approach a group of Killiks and Joiner (preferably close to the road back to the base), and target a Killik in the group, one as far away from the Joiner as possible. You click to have your Companion attack, which means they go after that Killik. Then you target the Joiner, move in, and begin to fight. When the health has dropped enough, the icon will come to life and you click on it. Assuming your Companion is still busy fighting the Killiks, the Joiner is ready to follow you back to the base to finish the mission.

(By the way, while you can’t use Quick Travel to just zap yourself back to the base — you lose the Joiner if you do — you can use your vehicle, and the road is fairly short and not troubled by enemies.


Jedi Consular Diary – level 22

July 31, 2012

One of the most important things in this game is picking up the side missions that parallel your class quests. And finishing off on Taris, I realized that I must have missed a bunch of quests the first time around with my Smuggler.

Some quests I remember  (and was thus well-prepared for various twists). But others I must have missed.

The important thing is to grab all the quests when you arrive at a new location, so you can be working on several as you visit the same region for your class quests. Saves going back over the same ground later.

Sometimes if you miss seeing one person you can miss out on a whole series. Like the Taris Bonus Series…after you finish up the Jedi Consular class quests you are supposed to go back to your ship and use the communicator. I happened to take a slightly longer swing through the starport, and there was a quest giver who sent me to a section of the planet I had missed, where a bunch of new missions awaited.

If I had been going to the Smuggler Hanger in a hurry I would have completely missed it.

Jedi Consular Diary – Coruscant

July 24, 2012

So, having found both datacrons and a shard (still have to work out what to do with that) left Tython, restocked on the Republican space station and have arrived on Coruscant, the world-city that is capital of the Republic.

It is a lot of fun redoing a planet I already know. Already familiar with the map and the baddies, of course, and the locations of the cantinas for resting. The class quests for Jedi Consular are new, but the side quests are exactly the same (except a Jedi is apparently much more powerful than a Smuggler…I can take out equal level Elites, with the help of my trusty Companion. Never could do that as a Smuggler.)

One thing I regretted first time around was doing a quest for an enthuiastic nationalist at the Senate Plaza. who talked me into stealing some files from a Senator’s courier droid. I hadn’t understood that every quest is not necessarily good, and couldn’t figure out how to make it right. That was where I picked up my first Dark Side points (I also hadn’t noticed that you can see Light and Dark rewards in the conversation choices).

Naturally you can always turn down a quest, but then you miss potential rewards. This time around I looked for alternatives to make it come out right, and there was one.

Jedi Consular Diary – Level 10

July 21, 2012

Didn’t take very long to move from level 7 to level 10. And almost as if in passing, suddenly I had my first companion.

Qyzen Fess is a Trandoshan hunter. You meet him a couple of times when getting missions from your Padawan Master, Yuon Par. Apparently she’s about the only Jedi Master who wants to make friends with a Trandoshan. He helps out in a mission, but gets caught. In doing so he loses his points with the Scorekeeper, his goddess, and in saving him from the baddie, you suddenly have a companion. A little like Chewie signing up with Han.

And hooking up with a Trandoshan is interesting that way, since they have a bad reputation in the Star Wars universe as slavers of Wookiees. Making one a Jedi’s companion is a good way to break up the stereotype.

Other things happen on the way to level 10. You get to choose your Consular path, and as I like to play a healer, I chose Sage. This ought to work well with Qyzen, except I still haven’t figured out, or received, a healing ability.

Also if you have legacy, at level 10 you get to use a speeder. I had one from the start, because of my preorder. But I also send a better level 1 speeder from my level 50 alt to my Jedi. Speeder training was confusing, although it turned out to be easier than easy.

The first time around, I’m pretty sure I had to go to my Smuggler Trainer and pay a huge amount of credits so I could use the speeder I already had. But, apparently as part of the new Legacy system, my level 50 could pay to give everyone on the account speeder training at level 10. What this seems to have meant, is that once I hit level 10 on the Jedi, I just had to unpack a speeder to be able to use it. No training, or further training costs, at all.

That was certainly an improvement.

So now I have companion, a direction, and a speeder. I’m supposed to take my ailing Master Yuon Par on to Coruscant to see if someone there can cure her mysterious illness. But I think I may head back to my starting planet Tython first. There’s some exploring left to do, and this time around, I think I want to try to track down the mysterious, and hard to reach, Datacrons. They give extra boosts, but the only ones I found as a Smuggler were a couple of stumbled across by accident.

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