About Excalibur Starship

Excalibur Starship was a virtual business on the Shadowfire server in the online game Star Wars Galaxies. With the demise of the game on December 15, 2011, this site is now following the replacement Star Wars online game, The Old Republic.

Below are the final updates to this page before the end.

News: The Imperial Demolition gave us an opportunity to move some of our buildings in Mos Vegas, to make them more central around the shuttleport. Then the disappearance of houses and residents that accompanied the Demolition came close to destroying Mos Vegas!

The shuttle is gone, the banks are gone, just about all is left is City Hall. Many of our Excalibur structures are now actually outside the city limits!

Following the introduction of new Beast Master profession with Chapter 6 we have started selling incubators for raising new creatures as well as the geothermal harvesters to reap the power to run the incubators. Morddred is our primary Beast Master. We’ve set up some incubators in the clinic and have been raising eggs for mounts, based on our fine local stock of banthas.

The Pendragon family has grown! We’ve taken advantage of the new ability to have two characters on the same server per account.

Our new little brothers are Entertainer Morddred (who is responsible for our new line in microphones, the only available on the server) and Engineering Trader Gawaine (Cadfael got tired of respec’ing back and forth between SW and DE). Gawaine will hopefully be responsible for our space droids in the future.

Now that Morddred has reached Master Musician, he has opened the Green Dragon Cantina in Mos Vegas, just behind the Gruelokk Monument and the Ikoo Memorial Fountain.

Aurelius is now Mayor of Mos Vegas! His first act as Mayor was to erect a statue of Gruelokk, founder of Mos Vegas. It doesn’t do justice to a gangsta Wookiee crimelord, but then, what does?

Thanks to the Trials of Obiwan we’ve moved into our new Galactic Megaquarters and Showroom in Mos Vegas (waypoint -459, -5737), using the property formerly occupied by the Merlin Meds pharmaceutical factories. The Combat Upgrade put Merlin Meds out of business, but our starship enterprises are flourishing.

Come on in and take a look! You’ll find our new Showroom right inside the front door. Take the elevator down one level to our manufacturing level, as well as Aurelius’ and Cadfael’s offices. On the lower level you will find our staff cantina, med center, and the board room.

Take the tour of our new Megaquarters Video tour of our Megaquarters

Cadfael and his new best friend

Vehicles, Chips, and the Dark Side

To better serve our customers, Cadfael has now turned to the Dark Side (well, switched from Rebel Pilot to Imperial Pilot) so we can provide all the flight computer chips needed for space (Reactor Overload 3, Engine Overload 3, Weapons Overloard 3, Weapons Capacitor Overcharge 3 and Capacitor to Shields Shunt 3 and 4). You’ll find them on the Flight Computers vendor in Mos Vegas.

Following Publish 17 we have launched largescale production of the new multi-person speeders: the AB-1, the XP-38, and the V-35 (the 6 seater otherwise known as the Lars Family Speeder). All are for sale on our Camelot Chariots and Chargers vendor in Tent 2 in Mos Vegas. We also stock the new Vehicle Restoration Kits at one of the lowest prices on the server.

Aurelius maintains his close contacts with the Alliance leadership

A Wookiee Life Tree grows in Mustafar

To do our bit to help the rebellion against the empire, we’ve funded Rebel Field Hospitals and Rebel Tactical Headquarters in the Mos Vegas/Anchorhead region.


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