Has SWTOR been brought down by a hack?

While the news sites are busy writing about Update 1.5 going to the test server (and once again, nothing for the solo PvE player), something of far more concern has happened to Star Wars the Old Republic. All North American and European servers mysteriously crashed several hours ago, and BioWare is apparently clueless as to why.

Their most recent Twitter post is even more disconcerting:

We still have no ETA for when the servers will be available again. We will update this thread again within an hour: http://bit.ly/Qql2BK


Note they say they will update within an hour, but this was posted three hours previously!

On the forums it is conjectured that the game has been the target of some kind of hacking attack. This may or may not be true, but in the absence of anything from BioWare, rumor is bound to spread. The fact alone that the game could collapse for several hours is serious enough.




What do you think?

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