The Grand Acquisitions Race was fun, the rewards a disappointment

So the big scavenger hunt came to an end with the scheduled maintenance this morning, although unlike the Rakghoul event, the vendor is supposed to remain in place for an extra week so people can cash in their tokens.

Thanks to an understanding family, I managed to finish off the final quests last night, four in all. This was largely because of the great walkthrough from This was very massively useful, even if sometimes it didn’t spell out all the details.

It took me awhile to figure out the mechanics of doing the mission where you have to choose the colors for the rings around the holographic dancer in a cantina. Then, once I actually understood what I needed to do, it took me two or three more tries just to do it fast enough.

Then there was the turret you were supposed to use to take out waves of baddies. I managed to leap onto the turret, but I never understood how to fire it. Me and my companion ended up defeating the baddies in the old fashioned hand to hand way, but I was surprised to discover that when they were all gone I had succeeded in the quest.

So the event was actually fun, but it really was too short. I would have preferred having more time to enjoy it, and I would have liked to have also done it on my original alt (I did it with the new one, because he needs the xp, and the event did supply a lot of that).

I managed to collect 99 of the event coins. Sadly there was very little of interest available on the Shady Deals vendor. The weapons were all unsuitable to my alt, I don’t understand why they didn’t sell weapons for every class. I could have afforded and would have liked to buy the Tusken armor, but you had to have achieved Social 1, which I havenot. I would have thought that the stuff would have been available for purchase, but unusable unless you were Social 1. That would have encouraged me to pursue the social points. But that wasn’t the case.

The only thing left that looked interesting was the vehicle, which was too slow for me, but I thought I could buy it and transfer it to a new alt sometime. It cost 125, and I only had 99, but when I clicked, suddenly I was the owner of a new, slow vehicle! (Now I just hope I can transfer it when the time comes. You never know.)

Also not sure if my Jedi really wants the title “SIS freelancer” (what would the masters think?), but I’ve got it. So nice second event BioWare, just too short and inadequate rewards.


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