Scavenger Hunt coming to an end just when it gets started

This is way too short. From

The Chevin Conglomerate has decreed that you will have until next Tuesday (August 21st) at 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) to finish up the Grand Acquisitions Race. They’ve also decreed that the Shady Dealer will remain for an additional week after the race ends, citing “feedback” as the primary reason.

Good luck!

At least for those of us with limited time to play, this is over far too soon. I’ve only been able to get started with one of my alts, and the other hasn’t been involved at all. What is the point of devoting a lot of developer time to an event and then pulling the plug?

The Rakghoul Plague event was much longer. (The only good thing is that they are keeping the vendor around for a short period after the event.) The annual events in Star Wars Galaxies were LOTS longer.


What do you think?

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