Jedi Consular diary – Alderaan


It is nice to redo planets with a new character. You learn the new class quests, but you also get to do the regular planet missions all over again, and it’s a big advantage having done them once. You often know where things are, or what things you have to click on look like.

One example is the quest on Alderaan called Joining the Battle. The Old Republic is placed something like 3500 years before the classic Star Wars films, which is why you can visit Alderaan, which was destroyed in the original Star Wars film. But anachronistically, sections of it are infested by the insect-like evil sentients called the Killik. These first appear in Star Wars books placed long after the original series. They have a hive mind, which humans can join, or be forced into joining.

This is the story of Joining the Battle. A number of humans have become “Joiners” and you have to capture one. You do this by battling one until their health has dropped to less than 50 percent, then administering a drug by clicking on an icon in your toolbar or inventory. The problem is that they are surrounded by Killiks, and in the midst of battle it is far too easy for you, or especially your Companion, to kill the Joiner.

I knew that this time around, and found a tactic that worked. You approach a group of Killiks and Joiner (preferably close to the road back to the base), and target a Killik in the group, one as far away from the Joiner as possible. You click to have your Companion attack, which means they go after that Killik. Then you target the Joiner, move in, and begin to fight. When the health has dropped enough, the icon will come to life and you click on it. Assuming your Companion is still busy fighting the Killiks, the Joiner is ready to follow you back to the base to finish the mission.

(By the way, while you can’t use Quick Travel to just zap yourself back to the base — you lose the Joiner if you do — you can use your vehicle, and the road is fairly short and not troubled by enemies.


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