Jedi Consular Diary – level 22

One of the most important things in this game is picking up the side missions that parallel your class quests. And finishing off on Taris, I realized that I must have missed a bunch of quests the first time around with my Smuggler.

Some quests I remember  (and was thus well-prepared for various twists). But others I must have missed.

The important thing is to grab all the quests when you arrive at a new location, so you can be working on several as you visit the same region for your class quests. Saves going back over the same ground later.

Sometimes if you miss seeing one person you can miss out on a whole series. Like the Taris Bonus Series…after you finish up the Jedi Consular class quests you are supposed to go back to your ship and use the communicator. I happened to take a slightly longer swing through the starport, and there was a quest giver who sent me to a section of the planet I had missed, where a bunch of new missions awaited.

If I had been going to the Smuggler Hanger in a hurry I would have completely missed it.


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