Jedi Consular Diary – Level 10

Didn’t take very long to move from level 7 to level 10. And almost as if in passing, suddenly I had my first companion.

Qyzen Fess is a Trandoshan hunter. You meet him a couple of times when getting missions from your Padawan Master, Yuon Par. Apparently she’s about the only Jedi Master who wants to make friends with a Trandoshan. He helps out in a mission, but gets caught. In doing so he loses his points with the Scorekeeper, his goddess, and in saving him from the baddie, you suddenly have a companion. A little like Chewie signing up with Han.

And hooking up with a Trandoshan is interesting that way, since they have a bad reputation in the Star Wars universe as slavers of Wookiees. Making one a Jedi’s companion is a good way to break up the stereotype.

Other things happen on the way to level 10. You get to choose your Consular path, and as I like to play a healer, I chose Sage. This ought to work well with Qyzen, except I still haven’t figured out, or received, a healing ability.

Also if you have legacy, at level 10 you get to use a speeder. I had one from the start, because of my preorder. But I also send a better level 1 speeder from my level 50 alt to my Jedi. Speeder training was confusing, although it turned out to be easier than easy.

The first time around, I’m pretty sure I had to go to my Smuggler Trainer and pay a huge amount of credits so I could use the speeder I already had. But, apparently as part of the new Legacy system, my level 50 could pay to give everyone on the account speeder training at level 10. What this seems to have meant, is that once I hit level 10 on the Jedi, I just had to unpack a speeder to be able to use it. No training, or further training costs, at all.

That was certainly an improvement.

So now I have companion, a direction, and a speeder. I’m supposed to take my ailing Master Yuon Par on to Coruscant to see if someone there can cure her mysterious illness. But I think I may head back to my starting planet Tython first. There’s some exploring left to do, and this time around, I think I want to try to track down the mysterious, and hard to reach, Datacrons. They give extra boosts, but the only ones I found as a Smuggler were a couple of stumbled across by accident.


What do you think?

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