Dire warnings about The Old Republic

This is from a website called Examiner.com:

Things are not looking good for BioWare Austin though.
They recently released their one “bad” game: Star Wars: The Old Republic. This was their first MMORPG, and they were receiving help from another studio bought by EA: Mythic. The game opened to good reception and great sales. It managed to rack up 1.7 million subscribers within the first few months. The strongpoint of a good MMORPG is not in initial sales though; it’s in recurrent subscribers feeding $15 per month to the parent company. Star Wars: TOR lost 400,000 almost immediately. The game was an investment expected to grow over the course of the year, and it failed. Now people are being laid off, and the game may go completely free to play.

The first to go was the producer Rich Vogel followed by several other lay-offs. A community website for the game is a sobering reminder that this economy is harsh to anyone jobless. While Star Wars: The Old Republic is a sub-par game, Electronic Arts runs their business in a cutthroat manner.

The entire article is here.

My perspective is a bit narrow because I don’t play PvP or groups or warzones, just solo PvE. From my perspective, the game desperately needs content beyond level 50, not “sometime next year” but right now. Otherwise most people will leave as soon as they hit level 50 and realize what’s left is just doing the same thing over and over again.


What do you think?

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