Jedi Consular Diary – Levels 1-7

Aurellius in front of the Jedi Temple on Tython

I was so bored with the lack of interesting level 50 content, I decided to start playing the Jedi Consular I created a couple of months ago, when the Legacy system arrived. I had logged in with him once, just long enough to get the first quest, and to look around a little.

Jedis start on Tython, a level 1-10 planet where the Order is reestablishing after a long absence. The local baddies, at least those encountered so far, are called Flesh Raiders. Plus there’s a colony of Twi’leks here, one of whom is strong in the Force and seems to be turning to the Dark Side.

Can’t help comparing to the Smuggler path, and wonder if he or someone else will turn into a many-planet nemesis like Skavak?

Actually, it’s rather fun and relaxing starting again after going to level 50 on another character. The first time around I was in a real hurry to get my ship, collect my companions, etc. This time I can watch the story a little more.

For one thing, I was at level 3 before I hardly noticed, and never noticed the transition from level 1 to level 2. Partly this might be because I was offline so long I had lots of rested double xp to collect. That said, since I started paying attention, the rested double xp seems to build up very slowly. That may just be the case at lower levels, because at level 50 I could watch the rested double xp going up every second or two. Maybe when you need way more xp it happens at a more visible rate.

It also seems like it is easier to defeat baddies as a Jedi. Even at level 1, I could defeat a couple of level 3 Flesh Raiders. And I’ve been able to defeat Strongs a level above my own. This has never been the case with my Smuggler. I always had the feeling that the Jedi I came across, who were always around my own level, could take out foes that I couldn’t. That may actually be the case.

There seem to be a few Legacy advantages, but many seem to kick in at level 10. They also cost credits. So it was one advantage of having a more advanced character that he could send a handful of credits by in-game mail. They weren’t that much for him, but made it possible for my Jedi to buy armor, a better weapon, medpacks and stims he otherwise would not have been able to afford.

(It’s also boring not to have a Companion who can sell junk for me anytime my inventory fills up.)

This time around I’m also taking advantage of the side quests from every quest giver as I come across them. It took awhile the first time around to realize how important this is.

Also, because I’ve already played the game, I took advantage of a break between quests to go to the Fleet station. There are shuttles from the upper level of the Jedi Temple on Tython. Once at Fleet I could find better armor on the Galactic Network. But sadly there don’t seem to be any weapons, implants, and a lot of other things for levels1-7. I’m also looking forward to level 10 so I can use my speeder.

Another drawback is there don’t seem to be any modable weapons at this low level, so I can’t use the crystal I got because I pre-ordered.


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