Forced evictions coming to SWTOR

Getting lonely out there on some servers

An otherwise bland post by the Star Wars the Old Republic developers conceals some pretty startling news:

Later this summer, we’re taking steps to further strengthen destination server population. Ultimately, we are working to transition all players to designated destination servers in the Free Character Transfer Service.

To continue to enhance the overall gameplay experience for current and new players, we have eliminated the option to create new characters on selected origin servers. Visit to see a list of all the selected origin servers that will be affected.

Later this summer, any remaining characters on selected origin servers will be automatically moved to designated destination servers. We will provide additional details regarding the automatic character transfer process at that time.

So this means that right now you can’t create new characters on the servers they plan to remove. And in a few weeks, anyone left on those servers will just to forcibly moved to the new favored servers.

You do that in the real world, and such forced evictions are heavily condemned. Of course, BioWare is not moving people for ethnic reasons, everyone is getting moved, and it’s virtual space, not the real world.

But the whole idea of “if you don’t move of your own accord, we’ll move you anyway” feels wrong.


What do you think?

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