Welcome to Game Update 1.3: Allies

From swtor.com:

Our third major Game Update 1.3: Allies goes live today. Alliesmakes it easier than ever for players to group up–our server transfer system was just the first step, and with this update we’re introducing the Group Finder tool. Group Finder helps you quickly form groups to take on the many Flashpoints and Operations in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Select your preferred role within a group, the type of content that you and your friends want to tackle, and be automatically matched with group mates and start facing down enemies.

In addition to the Group Finder, Allies expands the Legacy system with Legacy perks. These perks, which are unlocked as you increase your Legacy level, provide a wide range of bonuses for your character. Some perks allow you to gain additional experience from taking part in Flashpoints, Warzones, or Space Missions. Other perks give you the ability to call repair droids, improve your relationship with your companion and much more.

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