Character transfer turned my toon’s name into gibberish


I was a good little player and followed the instructions to move my two characters from Rogue Moon (Republic) to The Red Eclipse, under the new Character Transfer System. According to all indications my level 50 Smuggler Cadfael kept his name.

So why when I log in for the first time after the transfer, do I find that my level 50 Smuggler is now called AFTDLNIIRNAKFCV ? Not only is that not Cadfael, it is a ridiculous name.

I can see BioWare needs to consolidate servers in a dying game. But rubbishing my primary character is not going to keep me playing. Can we have Star Wars Galaxies back now?

I’ve since been informed on the forums that the confirmation I saw on the character transfer screen that my name was OK was not in fact a confirmation, and that the gibberish name is there so I would get a prompt to choose a new name. What kind of weird game is BioWare playing? The e-mail they sent me confirming the transfer certainly said the character is named Cadfael:

Your request for a Character Transfer is now complete. Please find details of this transfer below:
Character Name: Cadfael
Origin Server: Rogue Moon
Destination Server: The Red Eclipse

Your newly transferred character is now ready for play on The Red Eclipse!

I was advised on the forum to go ahead and change the name, there being a chance Cadfael was still available. It wasn’t, unless the Cadfael on The Red Eclipse is actually me too. In which case BioWare didn’t deceive me, they are just incompetent.

I transferred characters on SWG and never had this kind of deception. Is BioWare trying to fail?


What do you think?

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