Smuggler Diary – Level 50 Imbalance on Ilium

Last night I played the game for more or less the first time since the end of the rather fun Rakghoul Plague event. I’m doing the final Smuggler class missions on Ilium, and specifically the quest to save Commander Rans from the evil imps.

So not a daily, just the endgame mission(s). And I found it strangely unbalanced.

The task is to click on the controls of three communications arrays, before actually entering the prison, fighting the baddies, and the big final scene against powerful foes to free the commander. It was the attacks on the arrays I found unbalanced. Clearing out the imps surrounding the first two was weirdly easy. They were all various kinds of level 50, some Strongs. But doing the job was virtually effortless.

Then came the third array, which was guarded by a Level 50 Elite Sith. This was a challenge, but the solution was basically to cloak, get close enough to tranquilize him, and click on the terminal. Interestedly the cloak failed and I ended up in combat with him, but in this case clicking on something in combat worked. I got killed, but that stage of the mission was accomplished.

That isn’t the imbalance. Before I figured that part out, I checked out the area while cloaked, working out exactly where the terminal was. But cloaking failed, and I found myself fighting, and eventually getting killed (what I don’t like about the ability to cloak while in combat is that often when I go so my Companion keeps fighting, and when they get killed, the baddie comes after me anyway). The problem here, as in a few other places in the game, is that the baddies are too close together to revive from being killed. When you revivie, you get around ten seconds to get away. But here, in basically every direction, at the end of that run, you were still in the midst of baddies, and got killed again immediately.

Another thing I really don’t like about the game is the sliding timescale for reviving. The first time you get knocked out, you have to wait something like 10 seconds. The second time, it’s 30 seconds. Then comes two  minutes. All that is OK, although the third one seems a bit of a stretch. But the next revival takes 10 minutes. I really think the jump from two to ten minutes is way too much.

Here at the end of the game, I am getting bored. Bioware needs to keep my interest, not force me to wait ten minutes at a time before I can continue to play.

The prospect of just have dailies may very likely just end the game for me. I mean, all you do is do a quest, get some tokens for a reward, use them to buy armor (probably one item) and them do the same quest again the next day. To get more tokens for better armor, so you can do the same quest again.

The only alternative is to create a new character and start again (taking advantage of the thus far limited attractions of the Legacy system).

If BioWare really wants me to  keep paying them a monthly fee, they need to offer an expansion to this game fast. Otherwise continuing to play will be pointless.


What do you think?

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