A final visit to Mos Vegas and Star Wars Galaxies

It’s taken me several months to get around to it, but here’s a final look at my home in Star Wars Galaxies, Mos Vegas, outside Anchorhead on Tatooine, on the Shadowfire server. Once one of the most vibrant towns on the server, after everyone left because of the New Game Enhancements, I ended up Mayor of what was left.

A couple of weeks before they pulled the plug on Star Wars Galaxies, I recorded my alts showing off my various houses. After the introduction of the NGE, I spent most of my time in SWG collecting and decorating new structures. (This was something you could do there that you can’t do in Star Wars the Old Republic.)

Excalibur Starship Galactic Megaquarters

Sadly the recordings of three special buildings seem to have gone missing: My primary home Villa Pendragon (but there is an earlier video at: http://youtu.be/1-USRZbP6Lc), the Mustafar bunker used as the showroom and Galactic Megaquarters for Excalibur Starship, and my wonderful Wookiee tree house.

Nevertheless, what is left is still 29 minutes long, probably more than anyone wants to be see, except me reliving the good times in SWG.

The Excalibur Starship Showroom


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