Proper space may be coming to SWTOR

Trailer for SWG Jump to Lightspeed

This forum post indicates that real space combat is in the future for Star Wars the Old Republic:

The current “rail shooter” system is a joke, at least to anyone who played Star Wars Galaxies. There the game launched with no space component at all, which led some to question how you could have Star Wars without space? It wasn’t until the Jump to Lightspeed expansion that you could fly in space, but it was worth the wait.

We can only hope that the SWTOR counterpart is as good! (Sadly there probably won’t be asteroid mining, which was one of the more interesting, as well as lucrative, elements of space in SWG.)


2 Responses to “Proper space may be coming to SWTOR”

  1. bob Says:

    Dont hold your breath. Each successive patch seems to only bring more down time due to unscheduled maintenance, more bad ideas and just generally more suck.

  2. George Wood Says:

    You’re probably right! The devs have regular community question and answer sessions, and there are forum threads asking for questions. So I asked about the promised introduction of same sex relationships and the promised expansion beyond level 50 with a new planet.

    Naturally such questions are ignored. All they seem to be into is PvP and group play, neither of which I do. Eventually enough people are going to get to level 50, discover there is nothing left, and will leave.

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