Rakghoul Plague and vendor gone

As announced, the Rakghoul Plague has disappeared from Tatooine. The wreck of the Stardream cruiser remains, but has now been filled with Sand People, rather than infected survivors.

The Rakghoul vendor is also gone, and that has caused a bit of a stir, at least on PvP servers. It seems that in the final hours before the game closed for the patch, members of one faction or the other surrounded the vendor on some servers. That made it impossible for those from the opposite faction to cash in their hard-earned (and now useless) DNA samples.

Obviously we didn’t have this problem on PvE servers, Imperials and Republicans were working the ruins of the ship side by side (and sometimes helping each other out with hard conflicts, like Captain Magnus).

PvP enthusiasts are arguing this is the essence of playing on their servers. Others, who missed the end of the event for any reason, wish the Jawa vendor could have remained after the event ended, and there are calls to place him on the Fleet stations (and a weak statement he “may” return). I don’t know if the DNA samples can be sold on the Galactic Trade Network, but they ought to be, with a vendor handy to cash in the DNA.

The Rakghoul Plague event in SWTOR can be compared to the annual holiday events in Star Wars the Old Republic. Empire Day/Remembrance Day, held around the 4th of July, is the nearest in the calendar (I had always hoped for an Alderaan Spring Festival but that never happened). In SWG, PvE and PvE were mixed on all the servers, if you wanted to play PvP you opted to be Special Forces. In both Empire/Remembrance Day and Wookiee Life Day, you got many more tokens if you turned on Special Forces.

I always did, which was usually safe, as many others did the same thing, and there was usually an unofficial truce.  Occasionally someone of the opposite faction would hang out in the area, attacking unwary players who had gone for Special Forces for the event. You got killed, but that was the game. You could keep going without the Special Forces bonus. And you could do the holiday events without combat if you preferred. It’s too bad SWTOR lacks both of these options.


What do you think?

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