Unfolding Rakghoul Plague quests

Ground Zero for the Rakghoul Plague, the wreck of the cruiser Stardream

Intrepid players have discovered that more and Rakghoul Plague quests have been added. The key is that you must have completed quests A and B to suddenly get to do quest C.

What is very disappointing is the you have to have done quests A and B yesterday to get to do C today. And you only get to do D if you did C yesterday. In other words, casual gamers are penalized (or hardcore ones are rewarded). If you take a day off, you’re back at the beginning.

Coupled with the fact that all of the quests involve combat, there’s nothing for humanitarian efforts alone, as this forum post indicates, some share my belief that SWTOR begins to grow rather repetitive.

More about the unfolding quests at:





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