Rakghoul vendor customizations can’t be sold

As I posted previously, the least expensive, and possibly most interesting, item for sale on the Rakghoul Plague vendor is a Companion customization.  I did express concern that instead of the Companion you might play the most, you might end up with a customization for one of your other Companions, which would be less interesting.

Now my son suggested to me that actually what might happen if BioWare was on the ball would be to allow you to choose the Companion when you open the thing.

Sadly, the truth is much worse, what you get is a completely random Companion customization. The two I bought have nothing to do with either of my current characters, and one is from the opposition faction.

My assumption then was “OK, can’t use them, but I guess I can sell them”. Wrong…I made the mistake of taking them out of their lockboxes. Once you do that, you can’t put them up for sale on the Galactic Market. However, because I didn’t know this, I foolishly clicked to accept the contents when I opened the lockbox. Presumable, if I had declined, I would have known what was inside, and could have sold the lockbox as such.

Unless, of course, the lockbox itself opens randomly, and if I can sold the thing, the contents might have been different for the buyer. It would be interesting to hear if this is so. What you can apparently do is mail a customization to another player, at least it seemed like when I tried to send one to my alt.

Probably what BioWare wants is to encourage us to create new characters that match the customizations. That would keep us playing. That makes perfect commercial sense, but is certainly not player friendly.

Or I am just seeing the glass half empty and should just appreciate the fairly useless item I received for three or four days of playing the Rakghoul Plague Dailies? (By the way, if you are having trouble finding him, the Jawa vendor is with a Dewback, on a hill next to the Stardream crash site, at x -893, Y -1921.)


3 Responses to “Rakghoul vendor customizations can’t be sold”

  1. Bite Me Says:

    Dumb… you don’t even list the planet this vendor is on.

    • George Wood Says:

      Well, considering the Rakghoul events are on Tatooine, and the vendor is next to the wreck of the Stardream, on Tatooine, I kind of figured this was given. The vendor is on Tatooine.

      Sent from my iPad

    • George Wood Says:

      Plus, the image of the vendor as a Jawa might have been a little giveaway.

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