When do we start smuggling?

I like playing a Smuggler in SWTOR, but where’s the smuggling? All the way to level 50, and with the rare exception all I’ve been is a freelance merc for the Republic.

It’s been fun, but I wish there was more to do in the game than shooting baddies.

Once again, that was a nice thing about Star Wars Galaxies, especially its holiday events, there was non-violent stuff to do. Especially now that we have the Rakghoul Plague event in SWTOR, it would be nice if one of the Dailies was solely humanitarian. I mean, even the Daily where you get Light points for vaccinating Tuskens against the Plague then has you shoot (often the same) Tuskens to recover their wrappings to make vaccine.

I started SWG as a Medic, and went on to be a Physician and Combat Medic (other alts were crafters and entertainers). I dreamed of becoming a Jedi, especially when the Village was introduced. But with the NGE I could become  a Jedi at once and I did.

After a while I realized since all classes had to be balanced, post-NGE Jedi were no more powerful than any other combat class, they just had light sabers. Towards the end I planned to respec to Smuggler to be like Han Solo. I already had a YT-1300.

Never happened, so when SWTOR replaced SWG, I went Smuggler, also because one kind of Smuggler is a healer, and I enjoyed being a healer in SWG. Of course, SWG Smugglers didn’t smuggle either, but there were vague promises about a coming update.

Please BioWare, take advantage of an update, or (even better) a beyond level 50 expansion, to let Smugglers smuggle.

There’s a thread on the Smuggler forum her:



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