World Boss Trapjaw 3-Cadfael 0

The World Boss Trapjaw infected with the Rakghoul Plague

One of the sites reviewing the various Rakghoul Plague events on Tatooine mentioned that the tree World Bosses had been infected and were part of the event. Since they were supposed to retain their Tatooine levels, I was curious if my level 30 Smuggler could take on a level 30 World Boss Champion. The answer, no, these things are designed for groups.

I found Trapjaw at location -1775, -869. You click on a mysterious skull and he appears. The first thing that happens is that your companion gets stunned and is totally out of the fight, no matter how you try to heal. A query on the SWTOR forums revealed that this is the way of World Bosses, companions don’t get to play.

All three times I tried this fight I kept healing myself (my companion the first two times until I understood it didn’t matter), and slowly slowly wearing down Trapjaw, until suddenly when we seemed to be approaching the end, I was dead. It turns out there is something called an “enrage timer”. After a certain number of minutes, the Champion lashes out, and it is hard to withstand the attack.

The forum said the timer was at 8 minutes. But in my third attempt, when I was keeping track, it was 12 minutes before I found myself defeated.



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