Rakghoul Plague – Tracking the Origins

Tracking the Origins starts with a news report in Anchorhead

BioWare sprung the Rakghoul Plague on Tatooine as a total surprise, and there’s very little about the plague at swtor.com. Googling “Rakghoul Plague” brought up a number of interesting links, including:


…which is a wonderful walk-through of a quest called “Tracking the Origins”.  While it takes on time to do it, it’s worth it, because the reward is a cute little Rakghoul pet that follows you around. The quest starts outside the Anchorhead Starport, where you click on either of the two screens outside the entrance, for a news report:

Clicking doesn’t up as anything but when you have done so, you have a limited amount of time to click on two more objects inside Anchorhead. Because of the time limit, I actually checked out the location of all three ahead of time, then went ahead and clicked on them. When you’ve clicked the third, you get sent to a terminal next to the taxi station (you have something like 58 minutes to do this part), when you get a mission to collect 12 fragments of the crashed cruiser Stardream, ground zero of the Rakghoul Plague.

These are all over place, and there are no map indications where they are. Somehow the author of the walk-through has found all 12 locations, and passed along x,y waypoints, with advice on getting to some of them. (This was an amazing achievement!)

One of the fragments

It was fun wandering around Tatooine, I discovered several areas I had missed when I was there before. But one place where SWTOR is far inferior to Star Wars Galaxies is with locations and waypoints. In SWG you could type in an x,y location and get a waypoint that would show up on your onscreen map display. Even better there was also an arrow in the middle of the screen showing you the way to go to get to the location. Plus, above the little circle map display, the x and y co-ordinates were always on display.

None of this is in SWTOR. You can see your x,y location by hovering the cursor over the circle map display on the screen, but to do this you have to stop moving. You can’t run or drive a speeder and follow your program and make course corrections. It is very irritating!

Now I just wish there was a way to name my new pet.

Getting our new pet


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