Disappointing Rakghoul Plague vendor

Jawa vendor near the crash site

Alongside the wreck of the cruiser Stardream is a Jawa vendor selling Rakghoul vaccine for credits and special goods you can buy with Rakghoul DNA. But the offerings are rather disappointing.

Most of them are weapons crystals, identical to those sold on the Galactic Market. The level 50 crystal, with +41 for different features, costs 83 DNA samples, representing more than a week of coming out and spending two hours working the three Dailies.

Alternatively, for 20 samples you can get a lockbox with a random Companion customization. This would be fun if you could pick the Companion, but it could just as well be for one you don’t really play. But it does represent less than two days of doing the event.

Perhaps the best choice is 60 samples for a little pet that will follow you around.


What do you think?

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