Smuggler Diary – Fighting the Rakghoul Plague

Ground Zero for the Rakghoul Plague, the wreck of the cruiser Stardream

Rather than the boring Dailies on Corellia, or the more interesting unfolding class quests on Ilum, I’ve returned to my favorite planet of Tatooine to help combat the sudden outbreak of Rakghoul Plague. This is a special event, and as such is a little like the annual holiday events in Star Wars Galaxies, like Wookiee Life Day and the Galactic Moon Festival. But so far there is no indication how long the event will last. It does have special rewards, like the SWG events, in this case Rakghoul DNA which is supposed to be turned in for special items.

The fun begins in a Tatooine outpost called Thorazan (Imperials start instead at Zaroshe station). You head north of the outpost and find the wreck of the cruiser Stardream, ground zero for the infection. Most of the infected creatures one finds around the wreck are the proper level 27-28 for Tatooine, but when you start fighting in these quests, appropriate level enemies spawn.

The quest to defeat Captain Magnus

There seem to be three quests. One involves checking terminals and power cores around the ship, and then taking on Captain Magnus to recover his access codes. This was the hard part, he is an Elite (in my case level 50), and was very hard to defeat. In fact, I only did so because there were lots of people playing when I was and someone attacked my version of the Captain while I was fighting him (I repaid the favor by attacking several other people’s versions of the Captain for them).

Another quest involves taking blood samples from infected creatures to another outpost, and then taking a vaccine to local Sandpeople, after which you strangely turn on the Tuskens and kill a few to recover their infected wrappings.

Yet another quest takes you to an escape pod where there’s a fierce fight against those escaping from within who are infected. After that you fight infected livestock to recover samples, and examine a series of murals.

I bought Rakghoul vaccine from a medical droid before venturing out, which mostly worked. It was supposed to last six hours, but for some reason after less than an hour and a half I got infected with the Rakghoul Plague. Fortunately I had bought a second dose, which cured me. So stock up on vaccine (it is also given as loot during the quests).

Of course one quest is supposed to involve allowing yourself to get infected and blow up, giving you points if you infect enough other people. Haven’t tried that one.


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