Smuggler Diary – The Black Hole on Corellia

The shuttle that takes you to the Black Hole

One of the new features of Update 1.2 of Star Wars the Old Republic is access to a zone on Corellia called the Black Hole. The door to this area begins on the Republic space station with a message from a holo terminal. It seems that this is only available to level 50 players. You fly back to Corellia, exit the space station and a short distance to the right there is a shuttle with a glowing purple door offering the opportunity to travel to the Black Hole zone.

This is supposed to be part of Corellia, but is not on the Corellia map, and the Black Hole map does not seem to connect to the rest of the planet.

Black Hole Dailies mission terminal

The zone is for those who have reached level 50, with no levels ahead. What is available in the Black Hole are what are called “Dailies”, three or four quests that can each be taken once a day. The rewards for these are Daily Commendations, which can be used to buy better armor. On a good day you can earn just enough to buy one armor modification.

Besides the Black Hole, there are similar zones for Dailies on Ilum  and Belavis.

After two days of experiencing this, I’m really not sure about continuing in the game. I mean, the same three missions every day, just to slowly improve my armor? Where’s the point of that? I’ve now decided to go on to the ice planet Ilium, which has the final part of the Smuggle class quests, before switching over to its share of dailies.


What do you think?

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