SWTOR is offline until 1:00 AM!!!!!

From the Dev Tracker:


During last night’s maintenance, some areas of the game were reverted to pre-Game Update 1.2 status. Some areas were ‘missing’ and characters that were in those areas would be unavailable. We took the live servers offline at approx 9:30AM CDT (Austin time).

Our server and deployment teams are now working to rebuild assets for the live servers, but this is unfortunately not a quick process. We currently estimate that our downtime could be up to eight hours, but that time may be extended.

We are expecting the servers to be available again at 6:00PM CDT (April 14th, 12:00AM BST, 1:00AM CEST, 9:00AM AEST). We’ll update you with information in this thread when we have it.

We sincerely apologize for the unexpected downtime today. We’ll update you with more details later.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Friday the 13th indeed! I’m very glad I logged in for a couple of hours this morning and finished all the Corellia solo missions (except the new Black Hole content that was introduced yesterday with Update 1.2, and apparently vanished with today’s patch).


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