Smuggler Diary Level 50 – What to do now?

I reached level 50 in the midst of a fight on Corellia. Besides the screen message, two things were obvious. The first was, as usual when levelling up in combat, the rest of the enemies were defeated very quickly. The second, perhaps less welcome, was that the 10k+ in experience points I should have gotten for finishing the mission of defeating 40 Imperials didn’t happen.

From now on, no more xp, though you still get “Legacy Points”, which are for a system that has yet to be really introduced.

Suddenly there didn’t seem much point in doing bonus missions, etc. The only interesting thing really left was finishing my Smuggler quests.

First though, I returned to the Fleet to upgrade all my gear to level 50, and train in many higher level abilities. Thus fortified, I went back to Voss to finish the one quest there that had eluded me, even at level 49, “The Trials”. At level 50, with upgraded gear and training, this wasn’t hard at all.

The ironic thing was that finishing the quest gave me a “vision” which predicted a turn of the game that was yet to come when I was at level 45 (the supposed level of the mission), yet was far behind me now. Still, satisfying to have finally finished it off.

But I have no idea how interesting this game will be once I finish my Smuggler quests on the planet Ilium. Seeing the xp increase and looking forward to a new level kept me going. Since I tend to punch below my level, I have always needed to be a level or two above non-player characters called “Strong” or “Elite”. That won’t happen any more, my major advesaries from now on will be equal level Elites.

That said, since I hit level 50 I have defeated at least three level 50 Elites, so perhaps this isn’t so huge a problem. However, the final Smuggler conflict, against someone called Lord Loyat, is still ahead of me and is supposed to be very hard.

Star Wars Galaxies

Now most of my eight years in Star Wars Galaxies were in a similar situation, maxed out at level 90 on all my characters. But what remained there were various theme parks and loot quests, all of which helped me get decorations for my various houses. There was lots of crafting, which also produced credits to buy more decorations.

And there was lots to do in space.

There’s really nothing like that in SWTOR. No player housing, no decorating, not even in my spaceship. There is a kind of crafting, but it can’t compare with SWG. Space conflict in SWTOR is a joke. It looks like what remains ahead are endless missions to get better armor to do more missions. Or, as BioWare seems to want me to do through the Legacy system, creating new characters and starting from scratch.

While creating new characters was useful in SWG (besides my combat toon I could have various crafters and entertainers, who did things to help my other characters) I don’t see this in SWTOR. Unless the Legacy system turns out to be awesome, it just looks like reliving the game from square one, maybe from a different angle and with different abilities.

Perhaps the only hope is a new expansion, with twenty new levels and new content. (Earlier in the game I discovered enclaves of level 50 Imperials on many lower level planets. Perhaps there’s a reason for their presence.)


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