Smuggler Diary Level 49 – Got ’em

Continued on to Tatooine (where the final coming to terms with Rogun the Butcher was not too difficult) and Corellia, which I’m not sure I’m going to like (too many inside environments, I prefer the more unrestricted outdoor planets like Tatooine, Hoth, and Voss). But managed to make it to level 49, and after updating armor and such at the Fleet, went back to finish unfinished business on Voss. Got all but one, but needed help…

One nice Smuggler feature at level 48 is XS Freighter Flyby, an ability that allows you to target an enemy and order an attack from your spaceship. Not terribly realistic, as you can also do it indoors. There are also a couple of restrictions. One is that you can only do this once a minute, which usually means at the start of a fight, because it really can be pretty devastating. The other restriction is that it takes something like 6 seconds for the ship to fly over, so you have to target something that isn’t going to move, otherwise the attack will harmlessly land where they were. So not useful against patrolling mobs or critters moving to attack.

This however, does make it very useful for the end of quest baddies, who are just waiting for you to start a fight with them, at least after they have killed you once. (And some of these fights can go on so long that there might be time for a second Flyby.)

This was very helpful in finishing “A Long Forgotten Evil”, against the level 47 Elite Avatar of Sel-Makor, who was much easier to defeat at level 49.

It was less useful against Lord Renik, the Level 48 Elite with his two minions, who all appear at once, running at you. It took a couple of more deaths but my trusty companion and I finally did finish them off. (Sadly, if you kill the minions and then die yourself, they are back again when you start again, as they and Renik are all triggered by clicking on an object.)

I needed help for two more quests, however. Trying to do “Gormak Monstrosities” again, I once again failed against the Mature Cyber Vorantikus, a level 45 or 46 Elite (there is one 45 and two 46’s in the cave, any will do for the quest). Fortunately someone else was failing the mission of the same time, so we grouped, and it was easy.

Then I tried to make on “Gormak Sabotage”, where in theory you are supposed to take on two Level 46 Strongs, who are much stronger than that. Fortunately there was someone close by when I failed again, a Jedi who kindly helped me take out the Strongs, then accompanied me nearby to the final Elite you have to take on.

I usually play solo and rarely group, but it certainly makes missions a lot easier.

I could have used some help when I tried “The Trials” again, although it might be hard to get someone to go along through the very lengthy corridors before you face the final baddie. At level 48 I was able to take on “The Corrupted Beast”, but the final level 46 Elite “Gormak Warrior” still defeats me over and over again.

So now back to Correlia. Perhaps when I hit level 50 I can finish this supposedly level 45 quest.


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