Smuggler Diary Level 47 – Voss is Unbalanced

Now on the planet Voss, home of the mystic Voss and their enemies the Gormak, who seem involved in using forbidden genetics to create awesome and evil monsters. The regular series of quests for the Smuggler were pretty straight forward, challenging but reasonable.

At least until the very end when suddenly I was supposed to take on Lord Wratchen, a level 47 Elite. This was supposed to be a level 47 quest. I have never been able to take on an equal level Elite in this game, but with no other alternative I did, and succeeded. Died a couple of times first, but that’s par for the course in taking on difficult opponents. The first time you face them they often have the advantage of surprise. After your death and resurrection, you can redo the battle on your own terms.

Sadly I can’t say the same for the extra missions on Voss. Nearly all of them end up with an Elite who is above my level. There’s “Darker than Dark” where you have to face Lord Renik, a Level 48 Elite (and his squad of minions, who all appear at once, so no chance to tranquilize the Lord and take them out first)!

Then there’s “The Trials”, a journey through mystic visions, which has fantastic graphics, but is a level 45 quest that puts you in combat with The Corrupted Beast, which is a level 46 Elite. (And that’s only halfway through the quest. There’s an even tougher baddie at the end.)

In “Gormak Monstrosities”, after a challenging but straight forward series of attacks, suddenly to end it you must kill a Mature Cyber Vorantikus, a level 46 Elite.

“A Long Forgotten Evil” brings you up against the Avatar of Sel-Makor, a level 47 Elite who is also virtually impossible to defeat at level 47, the level of the quest, at least for a Smuggler.

The one non-Elite exception is “Gormak Sabotage”, where in theory you are supposed to take on two Level 46 Strongs.  But as has been noted on the SWTOR community forum, these guys attack way beyond their level, They were instant death for me at level 46. I went back at level 47, having read the forum advice and thinking I would have a better chance, and got killed instantly.

Usually as a Smuggler, when faced with a number of foes who together are too much of a match a good tactic is to cloak, target one, get within 10 meters, and use the tranquilizer, which knocks them out for one minute. That is usually sufficient time to take out the other foe(s). The problem with this quest is that you have to click on an object to produce the baddies, and I at least have never been able to cloak successfully. One piece of advice was to “kite”, to run away and target one. But they kill me so fast I don’t even have time for that.

Having killed Lord Wratchen (and his lower level accomplice) I was done with Voss, except  for the five quests with high level Elite/Strong  opponents.  What kept me on the planet was the two series of Bonus quests, of which I am in the middle of the second. These involve taking on several missions at once, are level 47, and so far really are at that level.

When I got to level 47 I tried to finish my undone quests, and got clobbered yet again. The Bonus series ought to get me to level 48. I’ll try to finish the Voss quests then. If that doesn’t work, it’s off to continue the Smuggler series, to Tatooine and Corelia. In which case I would probably wait until I hit level 49 before taking on these difficult Elites (and Strongs) again.

Someone has suggested the game developers should “nerf” at least one of these Elites, using a game update to reduce their power. I think all five of them need to be readjusted. They are hitting way above their level, and Voss is way too unbalanced.


What do you think?

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