Smuggler Diary Level 44 – Mixed up planets

Unwilling quest givers

I’ve levelled up from 42 to 44 on a planet called Belavis. It’s a Republic prison planet where the inmates have taken back large sections and the Imperials are exploiting the chaos. But I find it illustrates  a confusing (and perhaps unavoidable) element of the game, mixing up levels, factions, and PvE/PvP on planets.

In Star Wars Galaxies everything was mixed up on every planet (although some had higher level enemies and critters). You wandered the galaxy as you wished, taking on those challenges you could handle.

SWTOR is built differently, it’s like an amusement park ride that you have to follow. So you don’t expect to suddenly run into completely different stuff.

Anyway, I finished up the quests I needed to do on Belavis and to move on in the game. Along the way there had been a couple of bonus missions, but nowhere near as many on previous planets. Bonus missions are great sources of xp and are worth pursuing. I felt I had missed some, especially since there were large unexplored sections of the map.

Now, opening up those unexplored areas also grants xp, so after I did everything else I could on Belavis I went exploring. I could also see from the excellent maps in my trusty Prima guide that there seemed to be more Republic bases, with taxis, quick travel points and, most importantly, quest granters.

So far I have yet to find anything useful, beyond getting some xp for adding to the map. Some of the quick travel points and taxis turn out to not only be Imperial, but level 50 Imperial! Sometimes I find what seems to be a Republic base, only there are no amenities (mail, taxi, vendors), just uncommunicative Republic soldiers. Some look a bit sinister.

Those guys are obviously there for Imp players to fight. The level 50 stuff indicates a return to Belavis later in the game. So too do several quest granters I’ve found who won’t talk to me. Either that or they are not intended for mere Smugglers.

All this is probably unavoidable due to the construction of the game. But SWG did it better.


What do you think?

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