What is going on with server restarts?


Obviously online games need to close down their servers on a regular basis, for both routine maintenance and various updates. This worked well in Star Wars Galaxies, the servers closed down three days a week, and this was divided among the North American and European servers so it was always in the middle of the night local time.

Since I was a European playing on a North American server, this wasn’t always convenient for me, but it was my choice.

Star Wars the Old Republic has the advantage that this only happens once a week, on Tuesdays. The bad news is that American and European servers all go down at once, at a time that is convenient in North America, and rather irritating in Europe.

Then there was today, a Thursday. I was playing the game for the first time in North America, and suddenly there was a message the server was going down down in 15 minutes and to check the forum for details. But there were NO details on the forum, the plug just got pulled with a 15 minute warning, on all the servers.

Fortunately the outage, which seemed to be for a very minor fix, only lasted two hours. But then this evening, suddenly servers are closed again, again with no warning. Only this time all the European servers are down, while the American ones are still happily online.

Bioware, what is the point? Keep to your schedule, and treat Americans and Europeans the same. Is that too much to ask?


What do you think?

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