Smuggler Diary — Level 40

Well, in the midst of yesterday’s quest on Hoth, I got to level 40, and it got a lot easier to fight mobs.

When I was done, I returned to the Fleet as I try to do every night, as being there (or logging out while there) gives you more double xp. Just logging out of the game for awhile gives you a certain amount of double xp, being in a cantina or your ship gives you this at a faster rate. But logging out in the Fleet increases the period of double xp the most.

While there stocked up on the level 40 stims, med packs, and food that increases stats, then trained up in speeder piloting, and bought a new speeder that moves me around planets a lot quicker than the starter model (which in turn was a lot faster than ordinary running on foot).

So today returned to Quesh to finish the unaccomplished two and a half quests. Didn’t start well. Me and Corso got killed by a level 37 Elite droid right away,  and then by a pack of critters and I was wondering whether the whole thing was going to work. But I switched to alternative companion Risha and the critters were no match. I suspect she has better armor than Corso right now.

Then Risha and I went to do our unfinished missions. The first, defeating a level 37 Elite, was difficult, but successful. Then we tried the second, which had an also unfinished bonus mission (the half) before the final stage. You click on a computer and a massive fighting droid appears, also level 37 Elite. It killed us on the first attempt, but the second time the tactics were better and we won.

Then it was on in the same dungeon to finish a quest called “Reclaiming Quesh” where we confronted Sith Lord Magras, a level 37 Strong, and Republic traitor Major Treeg, a level 36 Strong. I think the two defeated us four times before we got it right. Something I learned from Star Wars Galaxies, in this kind of combat, you usually target the weaker enemy, because they will go first, and will stop supporting the stronger one. Even if you are defeated, you reduce the number of enemies for when you rejuvenate and fight again.

But that didn’t work, before I could hurt Treeg, Magras would run close and wipe me out, faster than I could heal myself.

So, having found the advice on a forum post somewhere, instead I targeted Lord Magras. I also positioned myself so that Treeg was more than 30 meters away, outside the usual weapons range. Not sure if that made a difference, but when Magras ran up, I could keep up with the healing, while Risha took him out. Suddenly I realized Magras was dead at our feet, and I could stop healing long enough to hit Treeg, who then surrendered.

Goodbye Quesh….


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