Smuggler Diary — Level 39

Help from the New Player Help forum

I realize now I should have been posting as I progress through Star Wars the Old Republic. Star Wars Galaxies was the only other online game I have played, and there have been a number of parallels (which I assume are the same or similar in every such game) and some differences that it has taken time to learn (and many I’m sure that I have yet to master or understand).

But better late than never, and I expect that eventually I will be creating another character and taking them from level 1. Recently (when I hit a level in the mid-30’s) I was included in the “Legacy” system, which is supposed to have all sorts of perks. The only one visible so far is that I was allowed to give my character Cadfael a last name. I wanted to use “Pendragon”, the name I used for all my characters in SWG, but that wasn’t allowed, so I had to settle for “Pendraggon”. The idea of the Legacy system is that every character I create now (at least on the same server) will share that last name.

You get Legacy points along with experience points, and I have now accumulated enough too be at Legacy level 2, but so far no indication what that means.

Forums are very useful in getting help and otherwise building up a game community. I constantly find that there are things I just don’t understand, even at level 39  (of 50). For example, because I preordered the game, when I started play I had speeder, kind of a souped up motorcycle, that lets you move around much faster than usual (and sometimes allows you to move quickly past foes without having to fight). But before you could use it, you needed to reach level 25, and then get trained in speeder piloting by a trainer NPC. But when I got that far, I discovered you also need 40,000 game credits to pay for the training.

This is another of the things I don’t like about the game, the credits are very hard to come by. You loot a few off opponents you defeat and from selling the plunder you take from them. You get many more from finishing missions. Yet you need the credits to pay for training and other game gear. I find that  constantly hit below my level, and I’m told the only way to fix this is to buy good weapons and armor, and then add upgrades, all of which cost a lot of credits. To keep fighting you also need healing medicines (“stims”) which can also be expensive, and even though they are supposed to last an hour, they vanish if you get defeated, which happens to me a lot.

But I did manage to scrape up enough to get trained for piloting a speeder. But when I then clicked on my speeder, instead of appearing in the game, it vanished from my inventory with a message it had been added to a collection. Now in Star Wars Galaxies, when things got added to collections, they were gone from the virtual world. So I put out a plea for help in finding my speeder on the New Player Help section of the forum, and got immediate advice:

I was recently doing quests on the planet Balmorra. When I finally finished, the story was that Cadfael and crew would be off to Hoth, the ice planet featured in “The Empire Strikes Back”. But the story arc is that you get diverted first to Quesh, a swamp planet polluted with toxic chemicals. The stay there was short, I finished the missions necessary to move on to Hoth in a couple of days. But,  since I do hit under my level, there were two quests left to finish on Balmorra, two high level baddies I just could not defeat. They were something like level 37 elites and I was level 38 and I just couldn’t get them.

Just as in Star Wars Galaxies, my character is largely a healer. Fortunately The Old Republic furnishes you with a companion NPC to fight with you, and mine are what are known as “tanks”, who do most of the fighting while I keep them healed. I did a lot of this in Star Wars Galaxies, but then my companions were other players. (So in one respect, by giving us built-in companions, SWTOR actually reduces group play.)

So I moved on to Hoth, shortly moved up to level 39, and went back to Quesh, only to fail again. But most of the quests on Hoth are going well, although I often find I use the “Stealth” ability to invisibly move past foes rather than fight them, in order to reach a goal. Anyway, a number of new abilities are supposed to emerge when you hit level 40. I’m half way there, and I have great hopes that armed with these, I will be able to return to Quesh and complete the annoying unfinished business there.


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