Star Wars: Galaxies vs The Old Republic

I played Star Wars Galaxies from its second month of existence until the very end, more than eight years later. The day after they pulled the plug I was playing its successor, Star Wars the Old Republic, a week before the official launch, because I had pre-ordered. The new game has a lot of strengths, including amazing graphics and and nice little cartoon video scenes, but I have to admit I miss SWG and would still rather be hanging out in that universe.

There was a community there that I haven’t found in SWTOR yet. Plus I much prefer the “sandlot” approach of that game, where you could pick your own activities. After the horrible NGE much ruined the game, a spent much of my time working on a variety of houses in the city where I was mayor.

SWTOR lacks player houses, let alone cities, and instead of a sandbox is more like a series of amusement park rides, where the path is predetermined. Space combat is much worse in the new game, just a primitive “rail shooter”.

But otherwise the graphics really are great, and most importantly, right now the Old Republic is the only online Star Wars game around.


What do you think?

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