SWTOR is Laggy

Star Wars The Old Republic has stunning graphics, but overall I find the game has some irritating technical flaws. I find it to lag very much, making it difficult to move smoothly around. This is in contrast with Star Wars Galaxies which, while far from perfect in this regard, did offer a much smoother interface when moving around in the virtual world.

Moreover, on a number of occasions the game has just frozen, and I’ve been cast out. Sometimes with a message that contact with the server has been lost, so I had to close the game (which usually requires a control-alt-delete) and open it up again. The last time this happened was immediately after I had logged in. I had just begun to play, when I was thrown out of the game. It took a full 11 minutes to get back in.

Much of SWTOR revolves around conflict and a few times I have been tossed out in the middle of a fight. This did happen in SWG and invariably I logged in again to discover I had been defeated in my absence. Strangely, twice when this has happened in SWTOR, upon reentering the game I found I had been victorious while logged out.

Another irritating “feature” of SWTOR is that if I alt-tab to check some other Windows program (such as to look for information on the game forums) when I try to return the game has thrown me out to the splash screen (pictured above), and while not logged out as such, it takes a minute or two get resume playing.

In SWG you could alt-tab out of the game and go back in immediately.

The standard Customer Service response to complaints like mine is probably that the problem must lie with my broadband connection. But I don’t think this is the case. A couple of times I have checked my broadband when I was kicked out of SWTOR when I was told the server connection was lost, and my speed was between 5 and 8 Mb/s, which ought to be enough to run the game. And on at least two occasions, when I found myself stuck in SWTOR, I have seen another player seemingly running in place. This certainly looked like they were having the same problem.

I asked on the SWTOR Customer Service forum (there is no Technical forum) if anyone else was experiencing similar problems, and I found some confirmation:

“LeeAlex” wrote:

I’ve only been playing a week but I’ve been kicked out about a dozen times. I thought it might be my connection so I tried Star Trek Online and it worked fine and I had no problems on City of Heroes. Came back here and couldn’t log in, though the server use was heavy at the time. Bug issues kind of comes with the territory when launching a new game, so we just have to be patient.

And according to “Artundarkstar”, his entire guild is

Yes its very laggy!! Most of my guild are having problems, just 3 or 4 people from over 40 players in my guild have had little lag problems.
We have had to quit more than one raid because the lag was just too much for our tanks to cope with.

There’s a similar, and much longer, thread on this same topic here.


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