Bye bye SWG, Hello SWTOR

Image: BiowareOn December 15, Star Wars Galaxies closed down after 8 years. A few days later the new Star Wars online game, The Old Republic, opened. I find the new game very addictive and impressive in many regards. But, truth be told, I’d rather be playing Star Wars Galaxies.

I’m relaunching as a blog following SWTOR. Also, one of the assignments in the course I am currently taking from Umeå University is to follow a social network. I plan to use SWTOR (also looking back at SWG) because my experience so far has been that online games are very much communities, especially when you combine the game forum with the interactions in the game.

Why do I still miss SWG? The new game has incredible graphics, including apparently hours of animated video recorded for every type of character apperance in every kind of gear. But I miss the sandbox format of SWG, where I could spend my time decorating my houses, and make stuff rather than always having to fight.

In SWTOR, all you do is fight. (There seems to be some minor crafting but it is rather peripheral.) Not only do I not have a house, you can’t even sit down on things in SWTOR. I have a starship, but I can’t decorate it. And the whole thing forces you so much into a path that going back to previous planets is boring if your level is too high. There’s nothing to do there.

Nevertheless, there’s no way to go back to SWG (the promised emulators have been years in coming), SWTOR is addictive, and it’s the only Star Wars online game there is.


One Response to “Bye bye SWG, Hello SWTOR”

  1. SWTOR Says:

    SWTOR is a great game not the finshed article yet but very promising .

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