Urban Renewal in Star Wars Galaxies

April 20, 2007

Finally, finally, finally the houses of players who have left the game are being removed from Star Wars Galaxies.

All around the various servers/galaxies houses have been labeled (Abandoned). The developers are being careful however. E-mails have been sent to the owners of all the structures, giving them a chance to renew their subscriptions. If they don’t, they will be deleted on June 5.

It’s often been speculated that one reason Sony Online Entertainment has don’t this previously is because it would have revealed the massive numbers of players who quit the game after the surprise introduction of the New Game Enhancement, which completely changed the nature of key parts of the game.

The good news is that we get rid of unused housing in our player cities, and can move existing houses to nicer locations. In our city of Mos Vegas, many of the merchant tents next to the shuttle are scheduled for removal. This will give us a great opportunity to put up new tents and make them available.

The bad news is that with the disappearance of the housing, those players will no longer count as residents in their player cities. This means that some cities may slip in rank because of low population, losing some of their important amenities, like shuttle ports and cloning stations.

The key factor is the subscription of the person owning the structure. In some cases, that person may be gone, but someone else has administrative rights and has been continuing to pay maintenance. Unfortunately in those cases the structures will disappear.

From the Star Wars Galaxies website:

House Pack-Up FAQ

Which player accounts will have their structures packed up?

Star Wars Galaxies accounts that have been inactive since April 17, 2006 will have their structures packed up (an account that has not been an active, paying, validly subscribed account since April 17, 2006).

What is the inactive account time frame?

If your Star Wars Galaxies service has been inactive since April 17, 2006 and you do not re-subscribe by May 31, 2007, your houses, PA halls, factories and associated assets will be packed up into your inventory and removed from the game servers at 11:59 PM PDT on June 5, 2007.

Will the owners of these structures be notified in advance?

An email will be sent out to notify players in case they want to return to Star Wars Galaxies and claim their structures.

Which structures are being packed up?

  • Houses, Player Association Halls and Factories will be packed up.
  • Civic structures (player city buildings) are not going to be packed up.
  • Harvesters will decay and disappear from the game as normal.

What will happen to a structure and its contents after it has been removed?

Structures will be packed up and placed into the owner’s datatpad. They will be available when/if they reactivate their account.

What will happen to vendors inside of a structure that is flagged for removal?

Vendors in the packed up house will also be packed up into the owner’s datapad.

Will all flagged structures be removed at once?

House pack-ups will be initiated by players. We’ll have more info for you soon on how the event will work.

Will flagging structures for pack-up happen as an ongoing process or will this be a one-time event?

Structure flagging and pack-up is going to be a one time event and will be ongoing as is necessary.

How will house pack-up affect the citizenship of Player Cities?

Cities will lose registered / declared citizens. As this happens, mayors will have to rock the vote and bring in new citizens.

Will structure admins, mayors, and other players be able to see which structures have been flagged for removal?

Players will be able to see a sign on any structure that has been flagged for removal.

This will give mayors a chance to make all the necessary arrangements for their city. Players on the admin list will also be notified that a structure has been flagged.

Can structure admins do anything to prevent the pack-up of a flagged structure?

No. Only the owner of a structure will be able to prevent a structure’s pack-up, however admins will be notified that a structure has been flagged so they can reclaim their items.

If I am on a structure’s admin list and regularly use the building, will it be flagged for pack-up since I am using the structure?

Every structure is flagged for pack-up based on the owner’s account, not a structure admins account. If the owner’s account has been inactive during the time frame listed above then the structure will be flagged and packed-up.

Will structure admins be allowed to take ownership of a structure if it is flagged for removal?

Only the structure’s owner can transfer ownership to another player. Customer Service Representatives will not transfer the ownership of structures to structure admins or other players.

How will civic structures for player Cities be affected by the housing pack-up?

Civic structures (City Halls, Clone Centers, Shuttleports, etc.) are part of the player city and not an individual player account. If a city loses the required rank needed for a structure, then the affected structures are destroyed but not as specifically as part of the housing pack-up effort.

What will happen to player owned city structures (cantinas, medical centers and theaters) that require a specific city rank if the player city falls below the required level?

Player-owned structures, once placed, will remain even if the city no longer exists. The rank requirement is only for structure placement and will not be packed-up.

If these player-placed civic structures are packed-up after a city has lost rank, the structure can only be re-placed in a city that has the required rank.

Will trial account structures remain un-flagged for a year or will they be flagged sooner?

Right now there is no differentiation between the two types of structures.


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