Empire/Remembrance Day on Shadowfire

June 29, 2008

This event celebrates 5 years of what is left of Star Wars Galaxies. Yet it is somewhat flawed.

Many players enjoy receiving badges for various activities, including taking part in events. Usually you show up at the event, you get a badge. Not so this time.

There is an Empire Day celebration in Theed, Naboo and a parallel Republic Remembrance Day in Coronet, Corellia. Once an hour, on the hour, Darth Vader and Princess Leia respectively arrive in these places. Each time one person in the gathered crowd gets a badge. So there are 24 Imperial badges a day and 24 Republican, per server, every day for a month.

The advantage is that it ensures that lots of people gather when the celebrities arrive. But so many of those showing up will not get badges. It would be nice if when the period ended, everyone who took part got a badge anyway. It remains to be seen if SOE, who run Star Wars Galaxies, have that kind of sensitivity.


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